the great Luke Ski, featuring Carrie Dahlby - Luke, Are You Carrie?

from Sing All Funny Jokes by Carrie Dahlby

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    The 3rd studio album by Carrie Dahlby is chock full of songs she's posted at the Funny Music Project website ( from 2009 to 2014. The album features appearances and/or collaborations by the great Luke Ski, Devo Spice, Flat 29, Earl 'Wyngarde' Luckes, Cirque du So What?, TV's Kyle, Power Salad, Worm Quartet, and introducing her son, Alex. With Dr. Demento Show hits like "Twitter Tweetin'", "Pregnancy Is Strange", and "Almost Parent Time", "Sing All Funny Jokes" is the best Carrie Dahlby album released in the past 5 years.

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First, Scooter Picnic did "Kyle, Are You Ian?". Then, Devo Spice & Worm Quartet did "Devo, Are You ShoEboX?" Now, the great Luke Ski & Carrie Dahlby bring you "Luke, Are You Carrie?" Will this be a capper on a trilogy, or a continuation of a meme? Only time will tell. To do your own brain-switched team-up song, get the instrumental on the Sideshow. Lyrics & mixing by Luke Ski. Please note the various micro-cameos by some other FuMP & Sideshow artists in this song. For more Luke & Carrie related content, check out our podcast "Bad Rapport", the show that's guaranteed to exist.


Luke, Are You Carrie?
A parody of “Kyle, Are You Ian?” and “Devo, Are You ShoEboX?”
about Luke Ski switching places with Carrie Dahbly.
Lyrics by the great Luke Ski
© 2012 Luke Sienkowski & Carrie Dahlby

1st Verse/Chorus:
People know me as the great Luke Ski.
I TiVo every animated program on T.V.
When it comes to plugging stuff I have no concept of discretion,
(as Gilbert:) And I do an annoying Gilbert Gottfried impression.
I've got more action figures than Demento's got wax.
Won a Logan Award. Not braggin', check the facts.
The only act with more year-end number ones than I
is, you know, what's-his-name, that architect guy.
Now lately the FuMP dot com has been ravaged
by an 80's movie curse, like “Vice Versa's” Fred Savage,
or Kirk Cameron in “Like Father, Like Son”.
Remember that?... ...Nope. I'm the only one.
First Kyle switched with Ian, then ShoEboX with Devo.
That kind of thing surely won't happen to me though,
but if it did happen I'm thinking I'd probably
end up switching places with my friend, Carrie Dahlby.
Carrie: Luke, are you Carrie? Luke: Carrie, are you Luke?
Carrie: Luke, are you Carrie? Luke: Carrie, are you Luke?
Carrie: Do you prefer Steely Dan, or that Humpty Hump kook?
So Luke, are you Carrie? Luke: Carrie, are you Luke?
Carrie, are you Luke? Carrie: Luke, are you Carrie?
Luke: Carrie, are you Luke? Carrie: Luke, are you Carrie?
Luke: “Did you ever do a scene in an apothecary?”
Carrie, are you Luke? Carrie: Luke, are you Carrie?
Luke: If you think I'm going to rhyme my name with 'puke' in this song, you're sorely mistaken. Moving on...
2nd Verse/Chorus:
Carrie: At 6 a.m., I'm a sleep walking zombie.
A first time mommy, it's me Carrie Dahlby.
The only main FuMPer to experience pregnancy.
I love baby Alex even more than the Beatles,
And at NEIU, I sing opera for reals.
Everything's a song, as you can plainly see,
and the world is made of guys just like Luke Ski.
We've both done cat songs, not so perplexing.
Mine were short and sweet, his were martian and sexy.
We've been to the Dells, Comicon, and more,
and we're BFFs, despite our Bad Rapport. (Luke: Plug!)
Luke is the world's biggest Muppet Show fan.
I mean I like 'em too, but holy crap, man!
Won't shut up about MarsCon if you get him on a roll.
I'm a middle east country, he's a mountain troll!
Luke: Luke, are you Carrie? Carrie: Carrie, are you Luke?
Luke: Luke, are you Carrie? Carrie: Carrie, are you Luke?
Luke: Have you drawn caricatures at a prom in Dubuque?
So Luke, are you Carrie? Carrie: Carrie, are you Luke?
Carrie, are you Luke? Luke: Luke, are you Carrie?
Carrie: Carrie, are you Luke? Luke: Luke, are you Carrie?
Carrie: Is your chest doubly round, or disgustingly hairy?
So Carrie, are you Luke? Luke: Luke, are you Carrie?
Carrie: Just what the FuMP needs, more meta inside joke songs. ~sigh~ Anyway...
3rd Verse:
Luke: I eat tons of bacon! Carrie: I eat healthy food like Wheaties.
Luke: I got too much stuff! Carrie: I got type two diabetes.
Luke: I can do low voices. Carrie: I can squeak like a door hinge.
Luke: She's known to wear pink. Carrie: He's known to wear orange.
Luke: Ken Sherlock's my friend. Carrie: Man, I can't live without him.
Luke: I listen to Mischke. Carrie: Yeah, I told you about him!
Luke: I love “30 Rock”. Carrie: Damn, that show is real funny.
Luke: I wrote all of this song. Carrie: And I took all of the money.
Hey, what's going on? Luke: Did the switch happen maybe?
Carrie: I'm blonde with a gut! Luke: I've got boobs and a baby!
I'll put on your cheerleader outfit from '06,
Grab my digital camera, and take some sexy pics,
email them to myself for when we switch back.
Carrie: What am I supposed to do? Luke: Well, you could hit the track.
Do that Weight Watchers thing, you were always so great.
Could you slim me down to about 188?
Carrie: Ah?! How did I get the short end of the stick?
Stuck in his body with his gigantic ego?
Luke: You can belch like a man, and it won't seem profane!
Carrie: What's this unexplained rash? Luke: Dude, I can explain.
Carrie: That's it, I give up, guess we'll call it a wash.
Now I'll go sleep with Sara, you go sleep with Josh!
Luke: What?! Not tonight! I think I'm catching a fever!
Josh: Hey, I'm not exactly thrilled about this either.
Sara: What's Luke plugging no-o-o-ow?
Luke: Shuuut up!
4th Verse/Chorus:
Luke: This FuMP body swappin' shows no signs of stoppin'.
Now there's Hot Waffles in the Gothsicles' coffin.
Carrie: Ookla Bubble Wrap's new song might thrill you,
Luke: “Stop Talking About PokeMon Or I'll Kill You!”
Carrie: Who are those six guys in one furry suit?
Luke: Looks like Sci-Fried is now Max DeGroot.
Carrie: Irish cat webcomics done by Marc Balder.
Luke: Peanut butter sandwich rock by Possible Schlosser.
Carrie: Kobi, are you Austin? Luke: Damsels, are you Shisho?
Carrie: Are we on the main page? Luke: Or is this on the Sideshow?
Carrie: Tom Smith is the Boobles and he likes it a lot.
Luke: Dino-Mike, are you Derwood? Dino-Mike: God, I hope not. (Derwood: Hey!)
Carrie: Toyboat Potato Chips? What a mess!
Luke: Is Jesse Smith Morning Sidekick? Jesse: Actually, yes!
Carrie: Positude Sisyphus says it all will be fine.
Luke: Consortium of Genius, are you Flat 29?
Rich Green: Aw, farganargle!
(end of song)


from Sing All Funny Jokes, track released July 31, 2012
Luke, Are You Carrie? - by the great Luke Ski, featuring Carrie Dahlby
A parody of “Kyle, Are You Ian?” by Scooter Pincic and “Devo, Are You ShoEboX?” by Devo Spice & Worm Quartet about Luke Ski & Carrie Dahlby switching bodies. Lyrics by Luke Sienkowski. Vocals by Luke Sienkowski & Carrie Dahlby. Music by Kyle Carrozza. Cameos by Josh Rasey, Sara Trice, Dino-Mike, Derwood Bowen, Jesse Smith, Dr. Pinkerton of the C.O.G., and Rich Green of Flat 29.




Carrie Dahlby Chicago, Illinois

Carrie Dahlby made her first contributions to the world of comedy music on the albums of 'the great Luke Ski'. Later she made appearances in the songs of Sudden Death, Possible Oscar, and many more acts from Her debut funny music CD "Happy Ranch" was released in 2007, her 2nd CD "Giant Kitten" was released in 2009, and her 3rd and latest CD "Sing All Funny Jokes" was released in 2014. ... more

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